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  Summer Vocology Institute 


Registration for 2024 is now closed. If you wish to be considered for our waitlist, please email

Application form for 2025 will open in December 2024.


Selection of candidates is based on previous academic records, professional experience, letters of recommendation, and statements of professional goals. While we welcome applicants with varied background and experience, generally a minimum of an undergraduate degree in a related field is necessary to ensure sucess for prospective SVI students. Prospective students who will not have a completed undergraduate degree by the beginning of the summer program should contact our staff to discuss.

The Summer Vocology Institute offers specialty training through the department of your choice: Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) or School of Music (MUSC).

Application Materials

Attached to your online application form, you will need to submit the following:

  • A resume with relevant educational and professional experience. Any professional honors, publications or presentations should be noted;
  • A transcript from your most recent degree program;
  • Two letters of recommendation. These may be sent separately from the application form, if needed;
  • A statement of past experiences and professional goals. Although the format will vary from individual to individual, these personal statements should include summaries of previous professional and educational experiences that were of a concentrated nature similar to the SVI as well as a description of how the SVI will facilitate attainment of future goals.
  • The deadline for domestic applications is March 1, 2024 although applications will be accepted up to April 30, 2024 for waitlist consideration. Notifications will go out to applicants no later than March 15, 2024. International students requiring a visa must apply by January 15, 2024. (Visa processing times in many countries has been greatly slowed since the COVID pandemic and to ensure you can secure a visa in time, we must adhere to this deadline. J1 visas are required for nearly all international students.)
  • NOTE: Accepted students may defer their participation for 1-2 years without re-submitting application materials.


International Students

International students are required to have a J-1 visa to study at the SVI. Obtaining necessary documents for international applicants can cause time delays; please plan accordingly to meet all deadlines.

Processing Fees for the J-1 visa in 2023 are $350 and are the responsibility of the student. UCV will collect this fee from accepted students prior to the start of the program through UCV's online payment site.

As a non-university funded exchange visitor, the minimum funding requirements are $2,400 per month for the entire duration of your visit. 

TOEFL & IELTS Requirements: Graduate applicants must receive an 85 on the iBT OR a 6.5 on the IELTS in order to qualify for admissions for SVI.

All international applicants from non-English speaking countries, including students who have completed other degrees in the United States, must submit a recent TOEFL or IELTS score (scores must be less than two years old).

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to be knoweldegable of the rules and regulations of your visa type. This is important so you understand the benefits and protections you are given as a visitor to the US. Please carefully review all documents provided to you by our staff and the International Student and Scholar Services team. They are experts on supporting you and have created important materials to ensure you have a smooth study experience here in the U.S.

Two important policies that you should be aware of at the beginning of your process are the 212(e) Home Residency Requirement and the 12 or 24 month Bar (this may apply if you have previously done another J type visa, but because our program is only 6 weeks it does not apply to your participation in this program). These rules may impact how and when you can return to the U.S. for study or for work. Please check to see if your country has this restriction as we want you to understand if your participation would limit your ability to return to the U.S. for work or study.

Important policy information is provided on the ISSS website as well as your welcome letter once you apply, but we want you to be educated about it prior to submitting your application so that you can make the right decision for yourself, based on your country's rules, about when or if you should attend SVI.

Additional Resources for International Students

Last Updated: 3/5/24